A look into Candace Owens Statement made in front of Congress

FULL TRANSPARENCY: There are very few people in this world I really do not agree with and I often resent because of it. As someone who is a more classical liberal, this tends to be more conservative pundits then liberal ones. Number one on this list is probably Candace Owens or Charlie Kirk. However, as much as I disagree with these individuals, they are individuals, and I will not tolerate any low attacks on/against them. Argue points not character.

On April 9th, 2019 Candace Owens Testified in front of Congress in a hearing about White Nationalism and Hate Crimes. Senator…

A summary of the Terrorists manifesto, what I took out of the evil document, and how the media falls into meme traps.

DISCLAIMER: The shooter will not be named, and the manifesto will not be shared. Most of the time these people look for fame, denying them of it helps to prevent copycats.

Photo Credit: Starrfm. https://starrfm.com.gh/2019/03/christchurch-mosque-shootings-forty-dead-after-new-zealand-attacks/

The first Asian 2020 Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, at an event talked about how historically, a majority racial or ethnic group has never transferred to a minority in its own country. What he fears is an increasingly insecure White majority in America that is losing its grasp on the majority title. He fears, that next generation could see Americans shooting Asians .

On March 15 the world bore witness…

Harrison Carter

I’m an undergraduate psychology major at Bridgewater State University. I try and be nuanced and factual, but i can be wrong. Twitter: @Hcarter0521

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