Battle of the Headlines

Creating a good headline is vital for having a successful article and Upworthy gave the key to their viral click bait articles. The trick to doing this is writing 25 headlines for a single article. This is not an easy task, believe me I tried it, but it does force the writers to get creative and make better titles. It was a struggle to write so many titles for a single story what it did push me to do better although there were a lot of bad titles they were much better than what I started with. I chose to write my headlines on my article that I wrote on how to create a great Tinder profile.

  1. Time to take that profile to the next level
  2. How to get people to Swipe Right
  3. Master the Scary World that is Dating App
  4. Don’t be That Guy: what not to do when making an online dating profile
  5. Master the art of the Profile
  6. Be the Match Master
  7. It’s a Match
  8. Make yourself match worthy
  9. Made to Match
  10. How to not look like a douche
  11. Tinder Time
  12. How to find your soulmate
  13. Hookup or Hold up
  14. Change your dating game
  15. How to Find your Match made in Heaven
  16. Profiling your profile
  17. Don’t be the nope
  18. How to stand out in a sea full of low quality selfies
  19. Slay the Tinder game by creating a killer profile
  20. Just tryna Tinda
  21. How to turn that nope to a like
  22. Make someone superlike you
  23. Worst mistakes you can make on your Tinder profile
  24. How to get more matches on Tinder
  25. How to Amp up your Tinder Profile

I chose to use tweet 8, tweet 15, and tweet 19 in an experiment to say which tweet got the best engagement and impressions.

My tweet “Make yourself match worthy” did the best by quite a lot with a 14.3% engagement rate and 49 impressions this was pretty good considering that I only have 13 followers. This was an interesting experiment and really pushed me to create better titles which is something that I defiantly struggle with I will defiantly try this in the future.

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