Privacy at Its Best with the Best Press Release Distribution Service, Linking News

Haris Saeed
May 17 · 5 min read

Any business has a lot of competitors that are on the lookout for something that will help them snatch the ball from the court of the one who is ahead in the game. This happens the most when it comes to strategies that concern marketing and PR. Marketing and PR are parts of a business that increases its capability to promote its services and products in front of a larger base of potential customers. Therefore, your competitors would always be searching for means to understand the marketing and PR strategies that you employ and either implement the same or implement something better in order to gain the upper hand in business. Being an entrepreneur, you would never want your company to be the one to suffer because your, PR and marketing strategy has been wrongfully leaked to the competition. Linking News is a company that ensures you do not have to face any circumstance like that with the innovative facilities that they provide in regards to one of the most important aspects of PR and marketing of a company, press releases.

Linking News: Privacy uncompromised

Press releases are one of the biggest techniques that prove to be advantageous for the success of a company in the long run. It is the press release distribution services that a company opts for, that helps them to promote the news of their company or a product or service that the company is releasing out in front its customer base, while also creating the scope for new customers. Some companies do not have the infrastructure to take care of their press release services, or would rather be happier with a professional third party taking care of such needs. If yours is one such company that wants to take the help of a professional third party press release distribution service provider, it is best that you hire a service provider that ensures privacy. It is so important to ensure privacy when it comes to press release distribution owing to the following points:

· Press releases are being produced in large numbers every day, therefore it is necessary to be the one to produce great quality press releases on a regular basis in order to not be forgotten amidst the pile of many press releases that get distributed on a daily basis. If you have hired the help of a third party service provider, it is best to keep this a secret, unless you want to let your competitors take advantage of the knowledge and start taking the help of a similar third-party service provider and start catching up to you in the department you already had an upper hand.

· Another reason why privacy is very important when it comes to press release distribution services is the fact that your competitors might misuse the knowledge of you taking the help of a third party service provider for getting your press releases distributed. It is quite natural for any company to not have the requisite resources for proper press release distribution, especially if it is a small business or a start-up. It is very okay for them to take the help of a third party service provider. However, your customers would only view it as a sign of incompetence and your competitors will take advantage of such knowledge by using it to align your company’s brand image. Brand image is above all when it comes to a company’s success and therefore any cause that might hurt that image must be looked after properly and addressed accordingly. Therefore, it is very important to hire the services of a press release distribution service provider, which ensures privacy uncompromised.

Linking News understands the importance of privacy, and the reasons why they are important for the success of your company. Being in the field of press release distribution for as many days as they have, they are well aware of the ill effects of compromised privacy. Therefore, Linking News has devices plans and services that are specifically designed to provide your press release distribution service with the best quality of privacy and keep your PR and marketing strategies completely anonymous, while helping you grow into a bigger and larger company. It is for this very reason Linking News is also regarded as the best press release distribution service in the industry.

White Label Press Release Distribution Service

The White Label Press Release Distribution Service is the service that Linking News has devised and made available to all of their clients to ensure the ultimate level of privacy when it comes to press release distribution services that they provide. The White Label Press Release Distribution service is unique to Linking News and comes with two separate parts that are part of the entire plan. These two separate parts are concerned with two different aspects of privacy and together they help you take advantage of the entire package. The two important aspects include:

· Unbranded Press Release Distribution Service — When a press release gets distributed, there’s a section right at the top of the press release that gives the source of the particular article. This source signifies the contact from which a certain media outlet has come to be in possession of the said press release, or the third party press release distribution service provider that is responsible for the distribution of the said press release. As the name of this aspect suggests, the unbranded press release distribution service, part of the White Label press release distribution service provided by Linking News, keeps this section unbranded and does not provide the brand name of Linking News. Thereby, your company’s connection with Linking News remains anonymous. Furthermore, Linking News also makes sure that their official website bears no publication of the distributed press release, thereby further mystifying the connection between your company and Linking News.

· Private Label Press Release Distribution Service — The private label press release distribution service is the best alternative for SEO, PR and marketing agencies to help their clients distribute press releases with their own private labels.

Together, these make the White Label Press Release Distribution Service and justify the title of best press release distribution service that has been conferred to Linking News.

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