They’re carrying a dead angel

Things I Like, In Order Of Likeyness

Salt and vinegar chips

So-called “heart-shaped” faces that aren’t actually heart-shaped, no faces are

Thinking about all the new kinds of music that are going to come

The way the light is in rich people’s windows

Things that are usually plastic… being wood

Not going to the thing

Little smooth phones

My one long eyebrow hair

When you backlight a keyboard and turn all the lights off in the room so it feels like you’re on a spaceship

Appetizers that resemble bags or pouches

Sending someone one-word subject-only emails, but doing it backwards so when they open their inbox it makes a message

Talking to yourself in bed using weird British voices

Telling tourists the right direction and feeling Proud for a while afterward

Gray and blue

People who know exactly what they like

Walking alone to a place where people hang out

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