facebook. Over.

I have spent years scrolling down a blue and white screen, checking for updates on people I wouldn’t give the time of day in “real life”.

Over the years I have stopped using it as much, no posting, no photos and less messaging. In fact, the only messages I would receive were from people I didn’t even know and especially didn’t want to know!

Yesterday, I let everything go and decided to deactivate my facebook account knowing that in a months time it’ll be gone forever. Bye bye virtual friends and bye bye unneeded drama. However, I did decide that I will keep my instagram as I enjoy photography and sharing photos and snapchat…well it’s just fun. Since yesterday, my thumb keeps trying find where the facebook app used to be but apart from that little habit, I am feeling more free, ready to express myself in different ways and to make deeper connections with the people I do care about.

I’m starting this account on medium to enrich the way I write and how express myself.