Just as consumers, online merchant expects buying and selling on the internet to be hassle-free, safe, easy, and efficient. The automated paying process that involves the traditional payment method like banks which from time have had its issues and the digital payment system using cryptocurrency.

But merchants on both sides, even the merchants making payments with cryptocurrency have faced daily problems which have made the online transaction to be cumbersome and a less profitable process, instead of an easy and seamless process.

Some of these issues are;

Frauds and chargebacks: frauds in the payment system have been a big deal in the traditional payment system with their high transaction fees. Even with some cryptocurrency payment platform transparency is a problem due to hidden charges and a high gas fee charged during a transaction.

Cross-border transaction: Cross-border transaction mostly in the traditional payment system is slow, inefficient, and expensive.

Insecurity of card (credit/debit card) data.

Lack of platforms to make payments for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

The solution to these problems faced by merchants is provided by Brexily's BrexCo payment system.

BrexCo Crypto Payment Infrastructure - An Answer To The Crypto Payment For Merchants

BrexCo is a cryptocurrency platform by Brexily exchange that has been launched to provide merchants with a safe, easy, and efficient payment system where merchants can make payments for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

BrexCo provides merchants a one-stop payment gateway to use for payment on all their daily bills and perform transactions seamlessly.

Services Rendered By BrexCo

BrexCo platform is a safe platform built-in with tight security algorithms to keep the assets of users safe and it is designed in such a way that makes it very easy for new crypto users to get acquitted with the payment processes. These are the services offered by BrexCo and lots more.

Mobile Reload: Using BrexCo platform, users and merchants can buy and reload their phones even international phones easily with cryptocurrency.

E-wallet Reload: BrexCo allows a merchant to go cashless with its E-wallet payment access, which allows users to reload their E-wallet with cryptocurrency.

Electricity Utility: BrexCo gives users a platform to pay electrical bills instantly with cryptocurrency.

Water Utility: BrexCo allows uses to pay water bills online through different payment methods i.e Cryptocurrency, Debit and Credit cards, etc.

TV Streaming: Paying for TV services and platform subscriptions such as Netflix is made possible with BrexCo platform.

Public Transport: With BrexCo users can order and pay for Taxi, airplane, and train tickets with crypto.

Insurance: BrexCo provides ground for users to insure their business, properties, and lives by paying for insurance using crypto.

Healthcare: BrexCo gives users the opportunity to pay their medical bills online using crypto.

Education: payment of school fees can't get any easier for BrexCo allows payment of fees with cryptocurrency.

Booking Hotel: why worry about cash transfer to book a hotel, when you can book a hotel with cryptocurrency using BrexCo.

This and many more services like buying petrol, gift card, gold, are now possibilities thanks to BrexCo.

BrexCo has made it possible for users and merchants to pay using various payment methods and even better using cryptocurrency.


For merchants, BrexCo is the light in the dark tunnel of the payment system, a one-stop solution for all their daily needs. Using BrexCo gives merchants a safe, secure, fast, and effective way of making payments.

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