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The Two Glances’ Support

One story, two perspectives.


Dave had achieved the unthinkable. In his effort to look professional and serious, he had managed to come face to face with his right-hand wall. Although those few seconds of shame proved less harmful than he imagined, he noticed he was still outside the room. Worrying he would miss the sight of his apprentice in action, which was the very core of his visit, he rushed and got inside after making sure his GUEST badge was visible enough.

There she is, he thought. 
Lyria was exactly an apprentice. She was just one year younger than Dave, but, after she asked for his assistance on the topic that she had to analyse, which, conveniently, was also a topic that Dave knew in great depth, the dynamic between them turned from “two millennials” to that of two professional serving and helping each other on their jobs.

Dave wasn’t present as a checker. He was well aware of Lyria’s capabilities and that she would undoubtedly stand out from the rest of the speakers who, most probably, would simply read out a pre-made text in a more mechanical manner than an online text-to-voice bot would. Instead, he was there merely to admire the results of the stupendous efforts that both of them had put into making her a flawless lecturer.

After a few moments passed, Lyria took a look at the people in the room, probably more because she needed a break from the constant note-studying, than because of her need to be aware of who was watching her. Thought, to her surprise, that one individual that had just recently entered the room, mattered; and it mattered that he watched.

Having locked on Lyria’s face, it wasn’t hard for Dave to make out the first second that their glances met. On the one hand, David granted her his usual not-too-friendly-nor-too-professional smile, which however usual, was downright honest. On the other — and that’s what stunned Dave — she paid him a smile unlike anything he had ever laid eyes upon.

And with her courage and strength having reach their maximum potential, she rose from her seat and delivered an analysis scientific enough to make the organizers rise before applauding and fluent enough that the Linguistics of the room later asked for her information.

Is this guy aware that he is giving a lecture and not a test of how well he can read his notes straight from his laptop?

Besides anxious, Lyria had now started to feel bored. The other speakers’ poor performance had made it possible for her to fluctuate from “i’ll pass out from anxiety” to “i’ll sleep from boredom”, all in the same 60-second time frame. But, being Lyria, the anxious contestant of the conference, she preferred to remain at the former state, for she found it better to reach high and be disappointed than to stay low and be exceeded.

Soon, she heard the door opening and, thanks to a smooth piston mechanism attached to it, closing closing gently, shortly after. She didn’t have time to raise her eyesight at the moment, though the endless pages of text she had written on the subject were scaring her enough to force her to do so. So, she looked up. Dave had spotted Lyria from the second he set foot in the room. She, in contrast, needed a few moments before looking at something other than her pile of notes, on which she ever so greatly depended on. Still, when she finally did, she wasn’t disappointed.

It was as if every boundary between boredom and anxiety had instantaneously vanished and replaced by nothing but a mere memory of them both. Lyria was now fully focused on her teacher — or at least that’s what she liked calling him after the help he had offered her, prior to the conference. It was the first time she experienced first hand that which she hitherto considered a myth:

When you and your teacher reach your peak, you don’t to speak out a single word in order to communicate.

This exchange of glances marked yet another milestone from Lyria’s side, besides the teacher-apprentice communication theory; it was something that she had never admitted or told anyone — albeit Dave would be the first to acknowledge.

This wasn’t just the first time that she was communicating with someone before an important moment, as was her upcoming speech. This was the first time, ever, that someone took the time to be present at one of those important moments of her life. So, having realized that her teacher had broken that awful truth, she made sure he was repaid for his kindness through what Lyria later titled as “the most truthful smile my lips have ever formed”.

Needless to say, her speech was indescribably beautiful. At a point, Dave had a difficulty understanding whether she was speaking on her own or she had just memorized her whole portfolio of notes.

If there is one common thing the both felt at the same time, it would be the feeling that overwhelmed them while they were both exiting the room. Next to each other they felt powerful, unbeatable, even. It was that rare kind of teacher-apprentice dynamic that doesn’t restrict itself in the former strictly teach to the latter. Instead, they helped each; they improved each other. they supported each other. And that was the day when the pair witnessed what they today refer to as just that:

The Two Glances’ Support
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