Learn About High End Home Cinema Installation in Dubai

Turning any average room into a home theatre does not require much effort as it needs the addition of just a TV. However, considering the number of hours we spend watching movies, it makes sense to install a high-end home cinema system in Dubai.

Here are a few steps which will help create a home theatre which will give even the best movie theatres a run for their money:

Viewing Distance

For a long time, engineers and scientists have tried to find the optimal viewing distance between the TV and the viewers. Finally, the secret is out. All it needs is to find out the size of the TV screen diagonally and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5. This is the viewing range where the viewers should be seated.

Using Soundbars

Most of the TVs today have a good sound quality but fail to replicate the cinematic experience which one gets in a movie theatre. So, if you are looking to install a home cinema at your residence in Dubai, you should go for a soundbar.

If you have a small room, you can opt for a soundbar which has multiple speakers. There are a number of sleeker models also available which sit right below the TV screen and in some cases can even act as the base for the HDTV.

Bass Speakers

Home cinema installations in Dubai require an upgrade of the audio systems can find a lot of use with the use of a sub-woofer. It is a class of speakers which causes vibrations which are loved by audiophiles.

They should however not be mounted on a cabinet because then they will generate more vibrations than are needed and should thus be kept on the floor, preferably in the corners.

Speakers in Bookshelves

One of the biggest aims when setting up a home cinema system in Dubai is putting the speakers in such locations which make the audio seem to come from all directions.

Now this can be done by having a pair of speakers standing on the floor, but they will eat up space. The next best option is to have to have small speakers placed on the bookshelves to the left and right of the TV. This not only helps in saving space and getting the most out of the speakers, but also helps in hiding the cables from plain sight.

Posture for 3D

If your watch a lot of 3D content on your home cinema system in Dubai, then you must get a seat which has a stiff back. This is because tilting your head to one side or the other can garble the 3D effect.

Thus, 3D-based content cannot be watched the same way by reclining on a couch, the way we watch regular television. It should thus be ensured that the chair or the couch should face the TV directly and should prevent you from both slouching and lounging.

Viewing Angles

Some HDTVs offer very good viewing angles and as a result can be viewed from extreme right, left, and even above or below. However, a few of them are not as good. Before drilling any holes for installing home cinema in Dubai, it is best to stick the TV where it will possibly be, turn it on. This will help you find out the best viewing angles and help avoid buying new furniture unnecessarily.