Every co-located team I’ve ever worked with has shared a behaviour. Some teams more than others, but without exception they’ve influenced each other’s diets.

Lunches, snacks, celebratory rewards and social events are all situations where a team will share food based on the choices of others.

Diet is key to focus and output, but few see it as a valid focus when improving their teams. Diet is seen as personal and not something we should control or manage.

The fact is, we already influence the diet of our teams, so why not accept it as given and change habits and…

‘Time is money’ as they say. Time offers choices. Time allows management of energy. Better decisions come with time to think.

Generally as a small team, or freelancer, you’ll go through two stages, and sometime find yourself flip-flopping back and forth between them. The first is that you don’t have enough work, but as soon as you do, you’ll find you’re in the second stage where you wish you had more time.

As a small team or freelancer, it can become habit to memorise how things are done, and just repeat those memorised steps whenever needed.

Because you’ve memorised the…

Sequel Pro is an open source MySQL (and other) database client for Macs. It allows those working with MySQL on a Mac a free way to create, manage, interrogate and export local and remote databases.

The problem with Sequel Pro is that it hasn’t been updated for a very long time. It is a little buggy, and in its current state it’s unlikely to do well on the Big Sur operating system update Apple have announced.

However, as of July 2020 you can stop using the long stagnant Pro and step over to the new and shiny fork called Ace…

Lightsail is Amazon’s offering for “Virtual servers, storage, databases, and networking for a low, predictable price”.

Amazon describe Lightsail as “an easy-to-use cloud platform that offers you everything needed to build an application or website, plus a cost-effective, monthly plan. Whether you’re new to the cloud or looking to get on the cloud quickly with AWS infrastructure you trust, we’ve got you covered.”

I can’t really fault it to be honest. I’ve moved various hosting accounts to it and even partially emptied a VPS of my own side projects into it. Virtual servers from $3.50 a month. …

Photo by William Hook

One of my focuses for this year is to reduce my anxiety levels. I wouldn’t class them as out of control, but I do have periods where they’re concerning.

I spent a little time recently looking at what triggers anxiety for me. Although I came up with a fair list, the reasons I see as simplest to deal with are ‘fear of missing out’ and feeling overwhelmed.

It doesn’t take much imagination to quickly link these two triggers back to mobile phone notifications and app badge counters.

For me the obvious change to make is reduce the triggers in terms…

Many moons ago, enterprising coffee shops and bars looking for a unique selling point would have wifi installed and post ‘Free Wifi’ in big letters on their doors, windows or boards outside.

Photo by Dennis Brekke

It was rare and revolutionary at the time. As a remote worker looking for places other than your own home to work, you suddenly had choices which weren’t libraries or large public buildings.

Coffee has also come a long way since those days. Most coffee shops now have the ability to knock up an acceptable cappuccino, latte or flat white.

But fast forward to recent years and the…

Photo by Aarón Blanco Tejedor

This post is part of my plan to write at least 300 words a day on tech, wellbeing, productivity, agile methods and a little about me.

For me anxiety comes in two flavours. Both are equally impactful in their own attention grabbing ways.

In the last twelve months, since I returned to working for myself, they’ve made themselves known at least ever couple of weeks. Reducing anxiety is a focus for me in 2019.

The first flavour of anxiety I experience is a spike. An chest-tightening worry which can last up to two hours. It makes doing anything very difficult.

Photo by rawpixel

I’m keen to continue improving my writing in 2019, both quality and quantity. I’d like it to become something I do daily, and something I lean on to fill gaps in days that I have, rather than defaulting to social media browsing. It’s right up at the top of my list of focuses for 2019.

I’ve decided on 300 words as it seems a fair target. A target I can hit on a commute, on a lunch break, between pieces of work, before heading off to bed in the evening.

I’m not setting any boundaries when it comes to subject…

In the first quarter of 2018 I stepped back from the comfort of my full time role at a medium sized software development agency to take on a new challenge.

The proverb ‘A change is as good as a rest’ is one I’ve quoted regularly to colleagues, friends and family during my career in the tech industry, and once again it proves itself to be true.

As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 is almost upon us, I’m looking to continue building new relationships which allow focus on my strengths supporting development teams with productivity and well-being. …

If you’re privileged enough to have people who look to you for advice, for support and to help them progress, you should damn well take it seriously.

You are in a position to make or break the time your team spends in their jobs. You can help make it something they’re excited about getting up for on a Monday, or are already pleading for the weekend to arrive come Wednesday.

It’s easy to be a good line-manager, but also easy to be a bad one. Some simple changes might make all the difference.

Be available

Whether you call them catch-ups, one-to-one or…

Harry Bailey

I work with tech teams fostering productivity and well-being — I coach, mentor and code. cyclist . father . husband

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