High School Quarterback Sees Himself Being High School Quarterback in 10 Years

By Stephen Stewart

While contemplating his future after a recent football practice, John Reece, Lincoln High School’s starting quarterback and popular person, admitted he definitely sees himself being a high school quarterback in 10 years.

“Let’s see, I mean none of us can really be too sure, but in 10 years I’ll be 28. And, I guess, when I’m 28, I see myself cruising around this town in the Corolla my parents just bought me, maybe grabbing a few shifts down at the Chick-fil-a, and leading the Lincoln High Red Hawks to another state title as their starting quarterback,” said Reece, who is the son of a 55-year-old man who still believes he’s the starting center on his high school basketball team.

“What else? Well, in 10 years I can also see myself still skipping out on Mr. Redding’s English class cause that dude’s weird. He talks like he’s got this really dry-mouth all the time. Plus, reading’s for the birds. I bet I’ll be sneaking out of my parents house. They’re so clueless. Maybe I’ll be using my fake ID and grabbing a beer at the only bar in this goddamn town,” Reece said. “But those are just maybe’s. I definitely know that I’ll be under center, calling the shots, leading the Red Hawks down the field as their fearless field general when I’m a 28 year old full-grown man. Isn’t that the dream? What else would anyone want to be doing?”

At press time, Reece was drinking Miller Lite’s and recounting a play from his pee-wee football team to enraptured friends at a basement party.

“Oh, and I’ll definitely be taking Becky Simons to prom. For sure. No doubt,” Reece added. “Do you know how many patches I’ll have on my letterman jacket? Come on. It’s a no-brainer.”