Instagram of Concert Immortalizes How Terrible Seats Were

by Harry Barron

Showing two distant white lights obscured by a shapeless black blob in what is either a concert hall, a vacant apartment building, or a park at night, a photo posted to Instagram by local concertgoer Mitch Jackson publicly immortalizes how truly terrible his seats at a recent Chvrches concert were.

“I really like to chronicle all the shows I go to. I don’t want to forget any of them. This one especially. Chvrches is really awesome live. So, I can’t wait to look back at this picture in few years and remember how epically awful my seats were,” Jackson said of the picture he took of the three-member Scottish electronic band last week.

“It will give me the chance to remember how that really tall guy stood in front of me and didn’t move for two and a half hours, or how I wouldn’t have been able to see the band anyway because I was so far away. It was a really fun time. On one hand, it was too packed to dance, but on the other hand, I was so far away that the sound was reaching me nearly three seconds after it was actually being played on stage, so my dancing would have been way off anyway. So, when I got the picture I wanted, I couldn’t just keep it locked up in my camera roll for no one to see.”

Jackson’s 134 followers were glad to see Jackson’s perspective from the show.

“I love Instagram because I get to experience the lives of my friends in a more intimate way. So, it was really cool to see how Mitch had maybe the worst seats at a concert I’ve ever seen. It really seemed like a special concert moment in that I didn’t know you could have seats that terrible,” said Jackson’s coworker, Melissa Alberts. “Honestly, I wasn’t sure if it was a picture of a concert or a picture he took of an abstract painting of Jupiter as a concept.”

At press time, the photo had three likes on Instagram, and Jackson was editing a second, similarly pathetic photo from the show for posting later today.