Harry Coumnas, a Time Traveler Who Traveled to the Year 2750

Do you really think time travel is possible? Through conventional theories, it is impossible for a human to travel latter or prior in time. But many researchers also believe that time travel evidences can also be found in human history. Today, it is extremely difficult to debate on ‘is time travel possible?’

Harry Coumnas, a physicist has a different story to tell. According to him, he has travelled to the future, and he has also managed to come back and reveal everything that he had encountered. Harry unveils how he had spent 5 weeks in the year 2750 and one year in 1750.

Harry says that in the year 2750 -

The coastline of the United States and Europe will change drastically.

The water levels will rise and Mississippi will become an inland waterway.

The worldwide population had reduced to 300 million, with 50 million residing in the US.

He also added the powerful nation’s government worked with aliens together to build up newer and effective technologies.

At some point, a war broke between Russians/Chinese vs. US/Europe. The whole new world order had collapsed.

The government had introduced a technology that could reduce radiation and nuclear waste within few days.

The artificial intelligence and computer systems had started operating everything. The structure of society was completely socialistic.

The basic needs for survival were taken care of for everyone.

Harry Coumnas time travelled when, in the 1980’s, time control panel programs were operational. He also claimed to have had travelled several times to Mars. Many people remain skeptic about Harry’s statements, but Harry believes it is just a matter of time before classified documents will become available to the public globally, providing the evidences of his time travel.