Harry Coumnas Has Been Back From The Most Haunted Places In The World

Aokigahara, a forest sprawling across 13.5 square miles at the Northwest of the majestic Mount Fuji, Japan is one of the creepiest forests in the world. Popularly known as suicide forest, it has been a place where untold visitors have chosen this place walking in with no intention of walking back. Annually about 70 corpses are found by volunteers who clean the woods, but many are forever lost in the very thick woods.

Harry Coumnas has just visited this forest lies a shrouded by death, the world’s second most popular suicide location. He decided to go alone before two months and has guaranteed to come back. he kept his words and survived. He said, “The forest’s is so thick that the trees are organically twist and turn, their roots winding across the forest floor in treacherous threads. He described silence as “chasms of emptiness.” He added, “I cannot emphasize enough the absence of sound. My breath sounded like a roar.”

When asked to Harry Coumnas that what made him to visit this creepiest place, to which he replied, “I’ve heard that the ghosts are here of those abandoned by ubasute and the mournful spirits of the suicidal linger in the woods.” This created a curiosity of exploring this forest and having one-of-its-kind experience. So, I packed my bags and started my journey.”