Harry Coumnas Has Invented A Future Predicting Time Machine

A 100 years old scientist, Harry Coumnas claims to have invented a time-machine which can predict the future. The machine, he says uses complex algorithms to look into the future and can foretell a person’s life in the next thousand years with 100% accuracy. What distinguishes his time machine from those that have been invented in the past is that it’s size is similar to that of a coin’s and enables an individual to actually live in his/her future. Sounds astonishing, right? However, Harry says he has made it possible.

The time machine he has designed, when attached to the engine of a car drives it to the future at the speed of light. However, the car needs to have certain specifications, which Harry Coumnas is yet to reveal. To know if his time machine actually works exactly the way he wanted, he first himself undertook a trip to his future. As he expected, he was able to travel over 1000 years into the future. The life after 1000 years, according to him was not even a percent similar to the present. Even the people around him had slightly different features, like bigger eyes, fairer skin (almost white), etc.

Harry Coumnas was always fascinated with the idea of traveling through time and wanted to design a real time machine. However, he knew the task would need a thorough research on a variety of subjects. So, before attempting to create a real time machine, he performed an extensive research on the concept of time travel, black holes, wormholes, light, magnetism, and gravity. It took him three years to implement his idea and create a perfect time machine.