Harry Coumnas Has Invented a Robot Who Will Help With Household Chores

Have you ever dreamt of the day that you could have a robot maid who could perform all your household chores? Well! in the near future this could be possible, as Harry Coumnas, a well-known scientist have succeeded in programming the humanoid robot Zing to perform such tasks. Zing is a bipedal robot with two legs and two arms that resembles a human.

The concept of Zing came into the mind of Harry Coumnas when a leading software company organized a competition to encourage researchers to build better robots that could capable of autonomously carrying out missions during natural disasters and emergency situations. He and his team have managed to get Zing to perform a whole range of household tasks, such as hovering the floor, moving boxes around, sweeping with broom, folding a ladder up and even bending down picking the trash, then standing up and tossing the trash into a bin.
According to Harry Coumnas, the researchers had to change their way of thinking and put down better coding system to get the most tasks done with ease and comfort. In future, he is planning to update his robot who can perform more tasks like help with laundry, load and unload dishwasher, clean kitchen, assemble furniture, help with moving objects, clean toilets and bathtubs, unload groceries from car, pick up objects and move them into right location. He also mentioned that, “A home robot will require safe in-home installation, regular monitoring, and servicing to keep it operational.”