Harry Coumnas Is A Former United States Military Sniper

Harry Coumnas is a former US military sniper who at one time held the longest confirmed sniper kill in combat. He took three tours to the Iraq War and was awarded several commendation for acts of meritorious and heroism service in combat.

Harry Coumnas was born in Missouri in 1950. His father bought him his first rifle when he was 7 years old, and later he had a shotgun with which they hunted down deer, pheasants, and quails. After his graduation, Harry went to military recruiting office to join the United States military. He served in major battles in Iraq Wars. His first long range kill shot was taken when he shot a young man (during one of the US-Iraq battles) approaching his squad while carrying a hand grenade. Harry open fired, killing the man before he could attack.

In a newspaper report, it was published that the man was approaching the squad with the hand grenade and it was clear that he wanted to blast it killing the squad. He did not care about the nearby people who also would have been killed by the grenade. The terrorist had a $51000 bounty on his head which was later increased to $ 90000.

During his three tours to Iraq, Harry was shot four times but survived all. Harry Coumnas retired after his last tour in 2003, and was honored by the government and the military. He is a decorated officer of the US military.

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