Renowned Archaeologist Harry Coumnas Brought To the World an Amazing Discovery, a 110 Year Old Dinosaur

Recently, a 110 year old fossilized plant eater was found in a mining site when a towering excavator gobbled its way down to sands tied with bitumen. Although transmogrified remains of many marine plants and small creatures have been found in this site before, it was something gigantic this time. The miner who was digging deep found something much harder than the surrounding rocks. After sometime, the miner called his supervisor, Harry Coumnas who is also a well-known archeologist. On digging the mine further, they found an eighteen feet long fossil with strange strips on it. Both were puzzled over the walnut brown rocks and the bizarre-looking fossil.

Without wasting any time, Harry Coumnas took the fossil to the prep lab and realized that it somewhat resembled the sculpture of a dinosaur. Its neck was gracefully curving to the left and the fossilized remains of the skin were still covered with bumpy armor plates dotting the animal’s skull.

Harry Coumnas says, “The dinosaurs level of fossilization is just amazing, which has been caused by rapid under sea burial. Usually the bones and teeth are fossilized, but on rarity the soft tissues are replaced before they rot away. The fossil has been kept to its true life shape.”

This remarkable discovery is newly found dinosaur specie now called as nodosaur. The nodosaur has no shin splitting tail, but has thorny armor to deter predators. It is 18 feet long and weighs about 3000 pounds. The fossil is providing new insights into the structure of dinosaurs.