The path to mastery

I read a brilliant book recently: Drive, by Daniel Pink. In the book, Pink outlines a whole new approach to motivation. An approach that goes beyond the common approach of seeing motivation driven by external forces — forces including rewards or punishment. Pink’s theory suggests true motivation is developed internally and comes from a combination of purpose, mastery, and autonomy. Purpose is being part of something greater, and more permanent, than yourself. Mastery is the learning and growth journey you undergo in pursuit of becoming a master in your chosen topic. And autonomy is the freedom to go about your journey as you please.

It was the autonomy part of this motivational triad that encouraged me to start a blog. I’ve recently started working for Fjord as a Business Designer. With this new role, I really feel that I’ve found an opportunity that fits with my skills, interests, and my ambitions. So I figured, if I really want to become a great Business Designer, whilst enjoying the role, I must embark on the path towards mastery. Now that’s not to say I expect to become a master (the majority if people don’t), but it’s all about the journey towards mastery, as opposed to the destination itself (yuhuh)! As part of this journey, I thought it might be a nice idea to take the time to think and reflect on what I’m learning along the way. So that’s what I shall do: write some reflective posts based on my experience in the role, the books I’m reading, and the events I’m attending. So yeh, it’s about me really. But I hope you enjoy reading this too!