Oh boy, where to even begin?

Hello there, we still exist!

🎂 Five years of diesdas!

On December 4th our company turned five years old — wow, how time flies! Over these years we went from four people to thirty, from one client to dozens, from zero revenue to millions. Pretty incredible, looking back at the whole timeframe.

Observations about remote work and what’s next for our empty office.

Some observations after almost two months as a distributed team

  1. The current form of remote work is not representative of “normal” remote work, as not only have we lost personal contact to coworkers, but also to most friends, parents and social gatherings. Remote work right now feels EXTRA isolating … in a more normal situation one wouldn’t necessarily need to work from home (e.g. be…

Why has everything become so needlessly complicated?

A braindump from a strange week of social distancing and working from home.


An unordered list of things that made 2019 memorable for us.

1. Our team has grown, again

This is the only team photo we took this year—with our wide angle meeting room camera, which is why everyone looks a little squished. …

🔥 🌍 🔥

  • Our office runs on renewable energy and we try to be conscious about other resources we use, like paper and plastics, as well as ordering organic milk for coffee (and providing oat milk as an alternative), using recycled paper and preferring local food options when ordering drinks/food for the office.
  • We still have some work to do: We’re pondering to switch to the…

We’re making strides to be more remote-friendly. Here’s why, what we’re looking forward to and some early considerations.

Three people sitting in front of a screen, discussing. On the screen is a fourth person connect via video call.
A daily stand-up (sit-down?) meeting with one person calling in.

Now in English, hosted on Meetup.com and we’re also announcing the next book we read.

We’re raising the salary of our interns to the minimum wage—because it’s the right thing to do.

Time to catch up! Join us for drinks and chats!

A photo from the first party we ever did.

Harry Keller

Grand millennial with a teenage mind: always curious, mostly optimistic, annoyingly idealistic. Developer and partner at @diesdasdigital.

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