Final Major Project — Angular Continued

In order to further investigate the benefits of using Angular within my application I followed a tutorial on The website is the official website of Angular by Google and has an introduction to angular tutorial in which you develop a web app to view some android devices.

The application that the tutorial creates

The tutorial is available at:

The tutorial whilst fairly easy to follow isn’t the most readable of documents as it is in fairly complex technical language which did impact my understanding of it so I had to re-read parts of it a few times.

The tutorial highlights several benefits of using Angular as a framework for a web application, angular uses controllers to dynamically display the content of a web application. Angular does this by making the HTML dynamic instead of static, general when you create a HTML page although you can make it interactive with JavaScript essentially you ask he HTML page to load up a script you have written in JavaScript however the HTML will simply load this enitre script and apply listeners to elements on the page, this makes sense to do if an application only consists of 1 page view however I want mine to consist of multiple, that means that the script I load in my HTML would have to contain all of the code that is needed to control all of the different page views, this would result in a large Javascript file which will impact on loading times and how bulky the page is. Angular does things differently to a static page, it allows you to load specific javascript files when you’re doing different things with the page, this means that content you need to be loaded only loads when it’s needed, it also reduces the amount of code that needs to be written by adding in functions like repeats and splits the javascript up into multiple files, which makes it easier for me as a developer to see the structure of my application as it expands, instead of having an ever expanding javascript file it allows me to break it up into multiple files for each view.

Multiple javascript files for multiple views

Because of all of these reasons I’ve decided that I would like to use it to control my application. This won’t be easy however as I didn’t start creating my application in this way, I need to massively restructure my application to work in a way where I have set views that I change using angular instead of showing and hiding different divs etc.

This isn’t something I anticipated and is going to slow down the development of my application without making any visual or functional progress to the application however at a later point it will have huge benefits.

I need to work out whether with the time I have remaining it is worth spending the time doing it now and risking not having enough time to add all of the functionality I’d like to by changing the structure and using angular which I’m not familiar with to control the application now or add more functionality for now but that would in turn make it much more difficult and time consuming to change to angular as a method of control later.

Big decisions to be made!

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