Final Major Project — Contacting Retailers

So after spending this morning tidying my CSS and getting the repos in a general good order I decided to buy a domain. I bought the domain however have not yet bought any hosting to go with it so currently it’s going to redirect to a placeholder site that I have on my webspace however i did try to use digital ocean as the webhost and spent a lot of time trying to figure it out but it seemed beyond what I needed at this point for the project.

I then created a template email to send to some coffee retailers in London to start populating my data base the template is as follows:


I’m Harry and I’m developing a London based Coffee Shop finding service called ‘Proper Coffee’, the results displayed by Proper Coffee will not include Starbucks, Costa, Cafe Nero or any major coffee shop chain and instead focuses on smaller independent businesses. This is for my final major project at university but hopefully would go live at a later point.

The eventual goal would be to have an application where a user can discover a coffee shop like yours, place an order and pay online and then you as the retailer get a notification on your version of the app to start making the order. The users can also accumulate loyalty points that can be used at any participating shop.

I would love to include your shop on my prototype application, if you could reply confirming you’d be ok with this that would be great. I will need the following details about your shop as you want them to be shown:

Shop Name:
1st line of address:
Phone number:
Do you have wifi:
Opening times:
I look forward to your reply,

Harry Foster

I then found a list published in the London Evening Standard last year detailing their list of the best independent coffee shops in London, I began going through the list, finding their websites and adding them to a BCC and managed to compile over 50 email addresses (The aticle is available here: so hopefully that will give me a start on begining to populate my database.

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