How to Let Google Know About the Website of Your Nonprofit?

Harry Guo
2 min readJul 15, 2020


Let’s say you just started a nonprofit, got you favorite domain name for this new organization, got a little website set up. Now what? How would people know about the wonderful things you plan to do? Search Engine is a must.

When you create your website or registered your domain name, your domain service provider or web hosting vendor would probably have a function to submit your website to search engines, so that they start crawling your website and put your pages in search results whenever there’s a hit.

But let’s say you haven’t done that for whatever reason, here’s where you can let Google Search know about your website — Google Search Console.

For some, a pointer is all you need. But if not, here are a few pieces of extra information.

  1. When you sign up a Google Search Console account from the above page, you’ll need to verify the domain name of your website. (It’s a bit technical, so we’ll probably have a separate article to address that)
  2. When you set up the account properly, Google will know about your website, and start crawling and indexing your website. Initially this could take as short as days or as long as weeks. So your pages will eventually show up in Google search results when there’s a hit, but don’t be surprised if it takes at least a few days.
  3. If later on you have some changes on some pages, and want to let Google know immediately so the page gets re-crawled and re-indexed as soon as possible, sign into your Google Search Console and click on “URL inspection” on the left side menu, then enter the page your want to tell Google about. Then you wait for Google to do its thing (nothing much you can do to expedite it, but it’s usually faster after the initial setup). What if you don’t let Google know immediately? Google crawler will eventually catch up any way, but YMMV.
  4. A very important thing to note — For a custom search engine to work, Google would need to have already indexed your website. We’ll have a separate article to talk about Power Your Nonprofit Website with Google Search.

That’s it. Thanks for reading 😊.

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