Berners needn’t feel shame over Lange attacks

Yesterday a Facebook friend “shared” a link to a Huffington Post article about the disgusting messages sent to Nevada Democratic Party chairperson Roberta Lange. His comment on the article included the following: “Come on guys, we’re better than this….”

To his surprise, his post drew some contentious comments. In an effort to help him understand why, I wrote this:

Obviously, the attacks were atrocious and disgusting — that isn’t what’s controversial in my mind. The problem is that the Democratic Party and the Clinton campaign wanted to put this on “us”, and the media took the bait. How many people sent these vulgar messages and threats? 50? 100? 1000?
Considering that there are nearly 220 million eligible voters in the United States, and polls show that about 30% identify with the Democratic party and that about 47% of the 40% who say they’re “independent” also say they lean towards the Democratic side, there are around 107,000 who presumably have some interest in the Democratic presidential candidates. Voting in the primaries so far suggests that nearly half, to be conservative, favor Bernie. That would give us approximately 53,000 people who support Sanders.
Let’s go crazy and say 1000 individuals to part in these attacks. That’s less than 2% of us Bernie fans. There must be a significant number of those hypothetical 1000 assholes who are just angry idiots and may even be Hilary supporters or Republicans trying to make Sanders look bad. That cuts the percentage of “us” to, say 1.7% or 1.8%?
My point is that “we” are better than this — because well over 98%, more likely at least 99%, of “us” have nothing to do with it.

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