You have a Raspberry Pi with pre-installed raspbian SD card

You are happy to get your hands dirty

You have some basic computer concept.

RPi is short for Raspberry Pi

My Raspberry Pi is a bit old

I only have the RPi 1 model B with pre-installed raspbian SD card in place. It is quite outdated. If you don’t know the model of your RPi, please don’t worry it now. I will explain how to get the info later. I got this RPi as a gift 2 years ago. I left it in the garage and totally forgot it, until I cleaned up my garage a couple…

— For the JS beginner with traditional OO background

Understand how to implement Object-Orient (OO) programming with Vanilla JS is still very important and useful in the post-es6 era.

An Introduction for JS beginner from traditional OO background

If you are a JS veteran, it really wastes your time to find it nothing new and I am doing my best to alert you as early as possible.

If you are a JS beginner without strong OO language background, such as C++, Java or .Net, …

Here we just discuss the two popular free IDEs — PDT: Eclipse PHP Development Tools and Netbeans.


You have installed IDEs above and Apache or Nginx on your computer.

Here we use PHP 5 to demonstrate how to set it up, if you need to setup debug environment for PHP 7 as well please remember to build and install another XDebug, after that you probably have to update relevant IDE configuration. I am pretty sure you can figure it out on your own once you know how to debug a PHP 5 website. …

Angular, React, Vue as most popular JavaScript frameworks at present, we just discuss Angular 1.x, Angular 2 / 4, React 15+ (Redux), and Vue 2+ here. There is no Angular 3, if you have not noticed before.

Client side is a battle field

In past 6–8 years, the Restful API has been accepted as one of standard web interfaces for most web applications, solution architect can simply add REST API on the top of existing web layer or business layer to provide REST API and support multiple client devices. …


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