OnePlus 5 — Will The Camera Help Sell The Phone in India?

This has been the year of edge-to-edge displays, at least so far. The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a larger than life display which is quite possibly the most stunning part of the smartphone. The upcoming Apple iPhone 8 is rumored to include a similar display, complete with the TouchID sensor baked in.

OnePlus doesn’t exactly have the resources like Samsung or Apple. Almost none of the other Android manufacturers do, which plan on catering to the less expensive Android smartphone market.

So OnePlus decided to focus on something its competition finds really hard to accomplish: a great camera.

The OnePlus 5 looks like an iPhone 7 Plus if you take a serious look at it. That’s because it also features a dual-camera setup at the back.

The Verge has released an extensive report on the OnePlus 5 camera development well before the global launch. It is believed that the OnePlus 5 went through a series of iterations before it could get down to the final design.

According to the report, OnePlus spent more resourced into building the software that powers these new cameras instead of the hardware. It’s essentially the software that works its magic to churn out beautiful images no matter what mode you pick.

The real question in front of everyone right now is will people buy the OnePlus 5 in India for its camera? Traditionally the OnePlus 5 has been priced according to the mid-level price points. It’s not priced as high as the iPhone in India, but it’s certainly not one of the cheapest either.

Rumor has it that the OnePlus 5 price this year will be somewhere close to the ₹33,000 price point. That’s slightly higher than the previous OnePlus smartphones. Will people pay a premium for a better camera? Will people accept a recycled smartphone design on the OnePlus 5 purely for better photos in the ₹33,000 price point?

Only time (and initial reviews) will tell that. So far the market is hyped up on the OnePlus 5 branding. Although there’s nothing new left for OnePlus to announce at the OnePlus 5 launch, thanks to all the leaks, there is hope that the company might still end up surprising its audience in more ways than the camera.