Plymouth — 07/03/17

For this video a new training technique is being demonstrated by me. If you watch me get out and walk down the side of the pool I then have a run up (to the lifeguards disgust) and dive in off the side of the pool to build momentum. This drill is to help us swimmers focus on the last 15m of a race. We dive off the side so that we can replicate the speed we would be going in a race.
Filming an entire turn from an underwater angle is actually something very interesting. You can see every element of the from an angle which you would never normally get to see it. I have learned that after I have finished this project and begin swimming coaching that I want to use underwater filming in my training sessions a lot to help see the simmers from angles you wouldn’t be able to see if I was just standing on the side of the pool.
This turn is the same as above but faster.