Plymouth — 12/05/17

To film some of the underwater shots I needed to place my go pro on the bottom of the pool. With the go pro on its normal stand it gets washed around the bottom of the pool by the different currents. I had an idea that if I tied it to my fins to weigh it down using my stretchy rubber band it would stay still…which it did. As I was intending just to film swimming today I didn’t bring my camera therefore these photos had to be taken on my phone.
Upon arriving at the pool I realised the lights in the whole building were off, which was strange as someone is always there. The person who unlocks the building before we arrive slept through his alarm and was 30 minutes late, instead of getting in the pool at 5.30am we got in around 5.50am. As I didn’t bring my camera I had to take the photo on my go pro, as you can see the go pro despite being held still, it does not perform well in low light conditions, hence the blur.
This video was shot with my go pro tied to the fins in the photo at the top. Although it is filmed slightly wonky you can still see the turns clearly.
For these turns and in the video below I had to use my pink rubber stretching band to secure the go pro to the metal steps just below the waters surface. I wasn’t sure how to edit the video as there was a lot of time between turns in which the swimmers were swimming and not in the frame. I decided at this stage to just crop out the bits that didn’t have people turning, but maybe in the future I will keep them and just speed them up.
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