Plymouth — 17/05/17

If any of the photos on my blog look blurry and pixelated, give them a few seconds to load that way you can see the full resolution images.

Here are some general shots of the pool, at this un-godly hour of the morning the pool environment is so quiet and peaceful. There isn’t a single ripple on the waters surface and its still dark outside.
Here are more photos of Louis and Luke, they didn’t know I was taking any of these photos so they’re not staged.
This is me having a little bit of fun at the end of the session, I only learned how to do these properly about a year ago. They are a nice party trick but they take all of the air out your body therefore I cant stay submerged for very long.
I slowed it down purely to add a little drama.
As swimmers we are diving into the pool every session. The first thing we do when we first get into the pool is dive. Here my team mates are diving into the warm up.
In between swim sets we sometimes do land bad exercises to make the swimming element of the sets harder. Here is my squad doing some pull ups mid-set. We had to do 8. The order of people is Louis, James, Emma, Me. You wouldn’t expect swimmers to be doing pull ups pool side would you?
We also had to do dips on the wall.
I clipped the video down so that I got each persons individual pull ups.
The last exercise we had to do is push ups.
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