Plymouth Life Centre Photo Shoot

Below are the contact sheets of the shoots original photos.

The lighting at the life centre is a lot better than the lighting at Plymouth college. The lights are white instead of yellow/orange so give me an easier image to work with. I don’t have to try and rescue it in post production. I like to photograph everything and everything when I’m at the pool, even the broken diving blocks.
For this shoot the light was good but not incredible so I was required to use my fixed 50mm f1.8 lens and I didn’t shoot with a lower ISO than 800 and a f-stop of f2.8

These 9 photos above are what I have chosen to refine the shoot down to. They cover the whole aspect of swim training. There’s diving, resting, underwater work, joking around, social kick (rest/talking), and swimming.

I think it would work as a nice little series by itself and will consider this when it comes to my final submission.