The strategic Idea I have on website Development for Marketing

My website

Today I have decided to open a website dedicated on social investing. In this website I will be sharing with my funs how to invest your time wisely and have a happy life. The first thing I did was to find the best web hosting company which happens to be none other than I paid for web hosting for $5.95/month equating to $71.40 per year. Other services they have are Domains starting from $2.99/month; Cloud hosting starting $4.95/month at; WordPress hosting starting at $5.95/month; VPS and developer resellers starting at $19.95/month and dedicated Server starting at whooping price $79.00/month.

We you will be wondering where am I going. I can tell you I am following technology trends and reaching people through internet with my social investment philosophy. I will be expressing myself freely without resistances for free. Well it’s not free at all to me because my website has potential to make money. I imagine the cost of running the website is $71.40 hosting fees and $100 monthly internet access fees adding up to only $1271.4 per year. This money I waste it on food, drinks, clothes and other poor investment strategies I am ashamed to speak of on this platform filled with innovative enlightened brilliant people like you.

The advantages of your own website are:

1. If you rank well on Alexa ranking money can be generated through popularity, affiliate marketing, commercializing your website by selling genuine merchandise and other digital serves.

2. Generate money with your popularity and controversy through Short Message Service (SMS) aggregation and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). With this strategy you enable your website to have these services and hit two bird with one stone by getting feedback from your clients as a performance improvement and two generating money through charging small fees as $0.50 only. Do it and see the results.

3. Empower other buy writing your passion and vision and you will empower in return by the feedback you get from them.

4. This space is for your innovation try having your own website.

Beware not every website will make it but what counts which strategies and tricks you have will work. Try to write what you love and do not expect any monetary returns because you will be disappointed if none is made. Do not lie to your clients or take people’s money some website called bantucoin and virtapay which lied and stole people’s money. Invest for long time to have massive passive income in the long run rather than killing yourself by getting few millions and the douse your flame through greediness and utter laziness to get quick money. Most successful websites are based on social network not business. My investment network is based on equity try the ones I use danamoney 1, danamoney 2, danamoney 3 That is what I will be writing.

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