Last year I noticed that more and more blogs seems to be on the internet with beautiful pictures of mostly exotic places with people working with their laptops, the so called digital nomads. Digital Nomads are those people who have chosen to live outside the box, mostly with just a few belongings stuffed away in a backpack or two and their laptop and smartphone they seem to travel the world and earn money easily at the beach.

The Digital Nomads Lifestyle Just a Hype Or A Realistic Way Of Earning Money With A Blog

Yes it is possible and it seems that more and more people from all over the world are want to change their “usual lifestyle” b selling most of their belongings and their house, buying a backpack and a flight ticket, and up we go to an exotic location like Thailand or Panama or one of my favorite countries, Costa Rica. More and more people and no, not only the youngsters, are looking for “A Way Out” of their normal (read abnormal) lives, especially after the last financial; crisis, people suddenly realized that their so called secure jobs wheren t secure anymore and that a lot of people have lost their jobs, often jobs where they worked for years! That s why the home based business industry is the fastest growing business on this planet, and although here the words home based business is a little strange for a Digital Nomad we all understand what I mean with this. People are sick and tired of working for someone else s dreamsTo become a digital nomad you should have the right company and team with youMost of the digital nomads start with some savings or the money they got from the garage sales of their belongings but without a proper plan of action and a blueprint of the future your digital nomad lifestyle will always be a long vacation, nothing more. The goal of becoming a digital nomad is to travel the world and earn money while traveling. The best and cheapest way to start building at our own digital nomad future is by start blogging. As a blogger your goal is to get as many blog visitors per dayA blog is nothing more than a small simple website where you can change almost anything, a blog, like the one you are on right now, even the big companies have blogs because they know that it is important to generate leads and sales and traffic at a daily basis. when you are looking for an increasing monthly income than a blog suits you the best, you can blog, write about the countries you are visiting other digital nomads are blogging about the local exotic food, others are blogging about how to blog, like we do and how to earn realistic money with online marketing.

Another Great Digital Nomad Example, The Unstoppable Family Swan

Blogging Is the most easy and most profitable way to kick start your life as a digital nomad Because the more traffic, blog visitors you will get the more chance you have people will click at the banners on your blog of the products you promote or from advertisers. There are different ways to capitalize your blog and earn money with it! But be aware that many people will be negative and will try to put you downHere is a short video about how to handle with negative people by Rhonda Swan from the unstoppable family at the moment she is in Panama, enjoy the video!

There always will be people who are not satisfied with the lives they are living living the 8 hour workday madness called work don t not listen to them never. Let no one steal your dream! Live your dream live your passion become a digital nomad!If you are interested about living the life as a digital nomad and you can earn realistic money with a blog and how we can help and support you? Just click at the banner below the video or below this post or leave a comment, we would love to hear from you, about our dreams and your passions! As Always thank you for reading this post I put my heart and soul in it if you liked this one please like and share this one it would help me a lot! Here you have it…. Digital Nomads A New Movement Or Just A Hype Traveling The World Earning Money With A Blog