When to Get Help with Legal Matters

Larry Marquez
Jan 22, 2018 · 3 min read

No matter what the situation, an experienced law office can help when one is in a legal bind. Working through these matters can make a person anxious, especially if they try to handle it on their own. It is best to have a professional navigate through these difficult, sensitive situations alone.

Criminal Acts

While violent criminal acts are usually discussed in the media, these are not the most common. Criminal attorneys also represent those involved in shoplifting, burglary, and assault. There is burglary when a person has intentionally entered a building and commits a felony inside. Then, there is motor vehicle theft which is grand larceny is many states. Another example is aggravated assault, where a person has attacked another with the intentions of causing serious injury with or without a weapon. Then, robbery is a violent crime directed towards an individual. An example would be stealing a woman’s purse leading to a felony charge. These things would indicate the need for an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Family Law Matters

Divorce and Family law are serious affairs with long-term consequences. They can have a major impact on a family. Difficult decisions are being made, and it is important that those involved fully understand, that is why one should call on a professional that is committed to ensuring that rights are protected. This will help make sure that a divorce settlement is structured fairly, and that the client gets what they are entitled to.

When it comes to child custody, this is no doubt a very difficult time for a family. Plan to work with someone who will handle the case with the utmost compassion and respect. Then, on top of that child support arrangements can be very complex and full of emotion. This is even the case when existing arrangements must be changed.


Filing for bankruptcy is one of the most effective things a person can do to regain control of their financial life and future. Understanding the right time to file is important. There are a few signs to consider when deciding to turn to a professional for Bankruptcy information.

Many Americans carry a substantial amount of debt, which is to be expected. The issue is when one doesn’t have the income to repay this debt per year. If the debt cannot realistically be paid, it could be time to consider bankruptcy. Also, if a person is being sued by a creditor for nonpayment and they win, they can have wages garnished. Pursuing bankruptcy could be the solution to a creditor’s efforts to garnish the wages. Last, for those under the threat of foreclosure, bankruptcy can provide options. This can issue a temporary but automatic stay on the foreclosure, giving an opportunity to work with a lawyer and explore ways to hang onto the home.

Whatever the need, a skilled attorney will work hard to provide the best possible outcome for the case. If you have a legal matter, engage in a consultation with the Wagoner Attorneys Law Office.

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