Richard Obedian Provides a Brief Introduction about Vertebral Compression Fractures

Richard Obedian is a skilled orthopedist based in New York. This board-certified physician received his B.S. with distinction from the University of Michigan followed by an M.D., which he completed from Columbia University in May 1993.

There are many causes of vertebral compression fractures such as a road accident, fall, or trauma. In this condition, the bones are compressed and collapsed. The force required to put the bones in the compression fracture condition depends on the quality of the bone. Elderly people have thin bones, which can collapse quickly. But, even the bones of a 19 year old can compress with a sufficient amount of force. Additionally, metastatic disease and multiple myeloma are also causes of vertebral compression fractures.

Severe pain and disability result from compression fractures. Sometimes, when the fragments move, they press on the nerves, causing buttock and lower extremity pain. One of the most recommended treatments of this condition is bed rest and pain medication. In some cases, a brace is also applied to the affected area to stable the fracture. According to Dr. Richard Obedian, complete rest is necessary to heal the pain. Young people have more ability to survive the immobility period when compared to senior citizens who may have multiple health problems.

Kyphoplasty is the latest treatment of compression fractures. The first kyphoplasty was performed in 1998, and through the years, it has gained popularity. This orthopedic procedure is helpful in restoring the height of the vertebra and in healing the pain quickly. This procedure is so effective that it can mobilize patients 24 hours after surgery.

Dr. Richard Obedian provides a variety of orthopedic treatments at his clinic, Island Spine and Sports. He cares for his patients, and always ensures their comfort and safety when performing a procedure.