Roadmap 2023 — Communication & Education

Thanks for checking in to the second part of our 3-part blog series where we are detailing the plans we have for 2023 and beyond, expanding on topics touched upon in our newest Roadmap. Last time we talked about Community Building & Networking, and in this blog we’ll be looking at Communication & Education. Our final blog will detail our Project Development plans. We hope you’re enjoying finding out more about our Roadmap so far!

Communication & Education


Make hay whilst the sun shines as the saying goes! Whilst not many people would describe the bear market as a ray of sunshine, it is a great time for us to expand on our building activities. We have been able to dedicate more time and resource to redesigning our website (including writing lots of new copy and drawing up new useful resources) which has been in the works since late last year. A fresh website will provide a more enjoyable and easy to navigate user experience, and a modernised look will make the user interface much more in-keeping with the project’s ambitions, abilities and aspirations. We’re really looking forward to the release and will make further announcements closer to release date, but the build and testing is due within Q1.

We also mentioned in our previous Roadmap blog that we are aiming to have multi-language options for visiting the website, which will be the next stage after full release of the main English version. This work will be achievable with the help of our dedicated Korean and Indonesian teams, in conjunction with some of the amazing AI functions that we have been experimenting with the last few months!

Social Media

As we all know the cryptospace is very much based within the Twitterverse, so whilst we will continue to use Twitter as our main line of communication, we also wanted to make good use of the other tools we have available to us to reach our users.

We will continue to release regular blogs to keep everyone updated on project progress, news, and topics we think are interesting and relevant to the future of crypto. If you didn’t already know, you can find out when a new blog is released by following us on Twitter, joining our Discord, or our Telegram, as we announce all of our publications on these channels.

We have also been experimenting with how we can further utilise our Youtube channel — whilst we have no ambitions to be the next PewDiePie or Mr Beast, we are excited to use the platform to provide some educational videos to our users! We have previously uploaded some of our team meetings which we received great feedback on, so we aim to do more of these in addition to AMA sessions and some short videos to explain some of our technologies and ideas.


In addition to our main Validity website, we will also be launching a website for our Validity game. Once the game is released in its final iteration (it is currently in development and testing phase), we will have a dedicated website with everything you need to know about the game play, as well as a dedicated shop to buy game extras in one place, from a trusted secure source.

Our final point of discussion is a Validity brochure. We are always striving to find ways to best communicate and educate about the Validity project, so felt that a user friendly and clear brochure to find everything you would want to know about Val would be a great addition to our existing resources.

There’s only one blog left in our Roadmap series, where we’ll be telling you more about our Development plans so look out for a publication announcement.

Forward, always.



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