Teppo Jutsu

Art of the Rifle

(Originally Published at Teppojutsu)


Teppo Jutsu refers to the “art of the rifle”, a warrior art practiced in feudal Japan by the Samurai. Contrary to popular belief, the Samurai did use firearms and as with all their weapons arts, were quite the skilled “riflemen”. Similar to the other weapons employed, for the Samurai this art encompassed all aspects of the rifle as a weapon: achieving accuracy, proper cleaning and maintenance, rifle and ammunition design and development, as well as using the rifle in Close Quarters Combat. This latter included such skills as weapons retention, striking with the rifle as a blunt weapon, and even the use of the bayonet (Juken Jutsu).

In today’s world, this art has found new following with several new warrior classes: the hunter, the bench-rest shooter, the law enforcement professional, and last but not least, the true descendant of the ancient “Teppo-ka”, the military sniper.

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