Prem Baniya, a Journalist Striving To Bring Change for the Needy People

Harry T. Prewitt
May 20, 2019 · 3 min read

There are organizations which work for a specific cause or a target apart from monetary benefits. These are known as nonprofit organizations. It isn’t necessary for an organization to have only one purpose. Organizations can exist with more-than-one goals depending on their philosophy. A nonprofit organization is one which is ‘not determined by profit but by dedication’. We can include trusts, advocacy, charity, environmental, and religious groups in addition to the trusts in the list of common nonprofit organizations. Nonprofits generally raise the money they tend to spend further on their mission and to keep the processes running.

Center for Pan Asian Community Services (CPACS) is one of those private nonprofit organizations, located in Atlanta. Their mission is to promote self-sufficiency for refugees, new immigrants, and the underprivileged through comprehensive health and social services. Also, founded on the belief “people need people,” well that isn’t wrong if we see on a broader perspective. Thus, CPACS becomes the first, largest and also the oldest organization in the Southeast keeping in focus the issues and concerns of Asian Americans but not limited to, especially of those women, children, and the families with low-incomes. Prem Baniya, a Nepalese journalist and social activist, joined CPACS in Jan, 2017 as a Program Coordinator, and has been helping out new immigrants, refugees, low-income families, and people who are less proficient in English. As a member of the advocacy team, Baniya advocates for social rights including the right to live, right to freedom, speech, and equality, etc. As an outreach coordinator and trainer, he also educates people regarding their rights while traveling. Baniya provides travel trainings and helps people to connect with each other.

Baniya has worked and continues working to bring real change for the needy people, society, and the nation altogether. He wants to see smiles on the faces of these people and also wants to plant the seeds of true happiness in their lives.

As a journalist, Baniya surely understands the condition of these people. Therefore, in order to make it better for them, especially the new immigrants, refugees, and low-income families he has devoted his work to them. His profession as a journalist made him realize what he should aim to do in life, and the steps that he needed to take in pursuit of his newly found goals.

Baniya is a multi-dimensional, talented, and robust personality of Nepal. In addition to being a successful journalist, he has also been engaged actively in communication media in Nepal for around 16 years. Furthermore, he is an influential writer and a productive social worker.

Nonprofit organizations rely on the devotion of their employees who firmly believe in their cause. Prem Baniya is an excellent example of a striving employee making sure to fulfill his life’s mission, aligned with that of his nonprofit organization.

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