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May 21, 2018 · 6 min read

4 Ways to Attract Strong Chi (Energy) to Your Home

My Dearest Feng Shui Fans!

In this blog, I am going to educate you about the “mouth of the chi” and provide you 4 simple ways to attract strong Chi to your home. Before I do this, let me remind you about what is Chi and how important it is in uncovering Feng Shui.

Chi is energy. Chi is the vital energy that unites body, mind, and spirit. Attracting strong Chi, or feng shui energy into one’s life is very important, especially to your home or business. Having a strong, vibrant flow of Chi will keep nourishing your energy and allows you to focus and achieve whatever goals you have for yourself. The results of having good quality energy will lead to harmonious, good quality relationships, health and an overall sense of well-being.

One of the most important concepts in Feng Shui is the front door of your house or business which is referred to as the “mouth of chi,” because the chi enters through the front door. The stronger, and balanced the front entry is, the better the Chi is able to nourish and protect you and your family. Importantly, the chi running to and through your home must run smoothly to keep the entire house nourished. This applies to all rooms, including the garage, basement, laundry room and even your closets. Managing this is not easy and will take time and dedication. Remember that your front door is your selling point. It is the first impression that you give visitors about who you are. If you are looking at your entrance from the street, does your house look inviting and cheerful?

Here are 4 simple ways to attract strong Chi to your home:

1. Make Your Front Entrance Grand

To attract strong Chi to your front door, you can start to improve the energy outside of your home. Having a balanced entrance that is colorful, bright and beautiful will definitely attract and support the strong flow of chi. Ensuring that your landscape is groomed and well taken care can not be forgotten either.

Adding feng shui cures and remedies can also help attract great energy flow but is dependent on the cardinal direction of your home. In some instances, placing three i-ching coins under your doormat, placing a water feature, hanging a windchime, placing good fortune plants on either side of the front door, are all wonderful attractions and remedies for positive Chi. For me, placing two Fu Dogs or Chi Lins is a great protector of the home because it provides powerful protective and empowering benefits. It’s important to protect your front door to block and detract the negative energy and from those who have bad intentions. Your Fu Dogs or Chi Lins does not have to be big, like we see in most Chinatowns, it can be of any size but should be balanced with your front door/entrance.

Chinese Fu Dogs or Chi Lins as Protectors for Your Home

Chinese Fu Dogs or Chi Lins

It is also very important that your front door works properly and is well cared for. It should open widely and freely without squeaking or obstructions. The door needs to have a solid hardware and the appropriate paint or finish. There should be no stains, rust or obstacles obstructing the view. I have a lot of Realtor friends and for them, curb appeal is very important because when a house looks great at the front entrance, it’s inviting to potential buyers and has a big impact on lifting the chi of your home. Take the time to make your front entrance look grand!

2. Open up the flow of Chi

Decluttering is an important aspect of Feng Shui so the front door should be clutter free with no obstructions. It’s important that you clear the paths to your front door. There should be no dead plants, cracked pots, garbage or recycling bins that may block the flow of chi. Additionally, there should be no shoes left outside of the front door, no worn out chairs and tables, no dirt and excess leaves, and lastly no withered trees or plants.

To create the most auspicious Feng Shui flow of energy to the front door, you should have a smooth and meandering path resembling water flow and not the direct sharp pathway that is so common in modern houses. Proper light for your front entrance helps to invite positive chi energy into your home. However, make sure that your light bulbs are working and replaced when needed. The front door is the grand entrance to your home so everything must be in working order.

Importantly, something I missed when I started my Feng Shui path — Use the front door! You should always enter your house through the front door. Opening the front door is key since the mouth of the chi is the front door, it represents the flow of new energy and opportunities entering your home. If you are use to driving into your garage and entering through the garage door to get into your home, you should change this routine. Drive your car into the garage and then enter your house through the front door first.

3. Have a Smooth & Inviting Main Entry

Doors represent opportunities, so what’s behind your front door is also important. When your front door does not open fully, your energy is stagnant and opportunities may not “open” for you. While a strong front door attracts strong energy, the main entryway acts as a guide to further bring this chi into the home. Remove objects from behind your front door and watch your future prospects open as well.

Inside your front door is an excellent place for a water feature like a fountain or fish tank. Water represents the flow of wealth and abundance into your home so it’s a good thing to have near your entrance. Whatever kind of water feature you are planning, of course, change the water frequently and keep it fresh. And if you don’t want to take care of a fountain or fish tank, hang artwork that shows water near your front door. Just make sure the water is flowing in, rather than out, of your front door.

In general, look for creative feng shui decor remedies to let good energy into your home and be disciplined and consistent with your efforts of creating better feng shui energy in your main entry.

4. Selecting the Right Color for your Door

Making the front door look as attractive as possible encourages good feng shui and all the benefits that come with it. A crucial part of that then is to paint your front door with the right door color for your home’s facing direction. To do so, you will need to know what direction your door faces by using a compass and looking from your door out toward the street. Once you know that, then apply the correct color. The colors of the door should reflect the compass direction it faces according to the Five Elements and/or be in balance with the elemental properties of the energies of the sector where the door is located.

Color based on 5 Elements Theory

• South (Fire) = Reds, pink, burgundy, fuchsia, orange and any colors related to the fire element

• Southwest (Earth) = Yellows or browns and all shades related to the earth element

• West (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold, and all shades related to the metal element

• Northwest (Metal) = White, silver, copper or gold and all shades related to the metal element

• North (Water) = Blacks, blues, purple and all shades related to the water element

• Northeast (Earth) = Yellows, beige, browns and all shades related to the earth element

• East (Wood) = Greens and browns and all shades related to the wood element

• Southeast (Wood) = Greens and browns and all shades related to the wood element

To learn more about feng shui and start to uncover your path to feng shui, visit www.fengshuiroots.com to start your amazing journey and email me directly at harry@fengshuiroots.com.

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