Here’s where you lose touch with reality.
Erhan Altay

Is that latter sentiment restricted to politicians or would you include any of your fellow citizens whose country this is who welcome the contribution to our economy and culture from others?

Twenty per cent of doctors in the NHS are EU nationals, not to mention the proportion made of people whose recent origins are the Indian sub continent. Factor in the numbers of migrants who work in other areas of the NHS and support services such as old people’s homes, social services etc and the reality is that getting rid of all migrants, as well as those of your fellow citizens you consider as traitors and insufficiently English for you, would not just collapse the NHS it would collapse the economy.

Personally I’d be inclined to give you everything you claim you want. It would be interesting to watch from over the border of an independent Scotland as those who consider they are entitled to their own facts and made up reality I, plod under their own contradictions and delusions. Perhaps actual experience of their own unworkable solutions is the only way some people are capable of learning?

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