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In every field, to ensure the safe completion of all the commercial operations, there is a set of regulations that is to be followed by one and all. These regulations are founded by government bodies like Code of Federal Regulations. These regulations can be subjected change or permanently. Only government authorities have the right to make amendments in these laws. Like in any other industry, these rules are equally applicable in marine industry too. To make sure that all the marine shipment operations are conducted with safety, government has declared some rules to be followed by all mariners.

Nautical laws are meant to ensure underwater security as this type of shipment operations may face a lot of unpredictable issues on the way. To provide the mariners with detailed information in form of graphical representation of the coast and underwater routes, there are different types of nautical charts to assist the mariners. Nautical charts come in many types according to the nature of marine operations. On broad terms, nautical charts can be categorized into two types — large scale and small scale nautical charts. In large scale nautical charts, you can find marine details like instructions for light vessels, boats and ships. These charts focus on an area in detailed manner depicting all the scenarios like water territories, buildings, harbors and bridges. On the other hand, small scale charts contain more elaborated representation of an area to tell about landmarks, features, weather conditions, coastlines etc.

These charts are published mainly by three authorized bodies namely NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), UKHO (United Kingdom Hydrographic Office) and NGA (National Geospatial Intelligence). The charts are available on forms like on paper charts and electronic charts. On paper charts are paper version of nautical charts and electronic charts are those that can be viewed using digital devices. Electronic charts can also be printed on demand. Other subtypes of these nautical charts are also available such as general charts, coastal charts, harbor charts, sailing charts, offshore chart, approach chart, and so on. You can buy these admiralty charts online also on many stores like AM Nautical. On AM Nautical, you will find all types of paper charts published by NOAA, UKHO and NGA.

Author’s Bio: The author is an online blogger and writer. In the above article, she talks about marine safety laws and where to get nautical charts like admiralty charts online.

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