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As humans are marking their footprints deeper into nature, the chances and scope of polluting the nature are also increasing with it. Earlier his reach was limited to lands only, but with the time he measured the skies and crossed the oceans also and sent airplanes and ship to the clouds and under waters. This progress is surely a picture of success of science and technology, but it is also a signal to take measures for to control pollution. Otherwise the days are not far when we will pollute every single piece of space on earth and make it unlivable. As we have discovered a path everywhere, the transportation is taking place through all the routes like oceans. We are going to discuss about the safety management of ships in seas and ISM Code 2014 in this article.

International safety management code (ISM Code) provides an international standard for the safe management and operations of ships and to check pollution under waters. Primary goals of setting and implementing ISM Codes are following -

- To ensure safety level in seas
- To check for human life safety during travel
- To minimize damage to the environment

If you also possess a commercial boat or ship, you need to know about international standards of shipping operation. It has been mandated to comply with these standards by the government bodies. And you can undergo fine and punishment if found guilty of violating any rules. These standards have been improved and revised several times to ensure enhanced measures to ensure safety and smooth operations without affecting the environment. The ship-owner companies and individuals must stick to these regulations. You need to issue a document of compliance (DOC) to show that you are in compliance with all the necessary standards. This document is valid for five years and demands annual audit. This DOC needs to be carried on-board all the time. The ships are also required to have Safety Management Certificate (SMC), which is a proof of the fact that the company operates in accordance with the approved safety management system. These documents and certificates are issued by the Administration or any related body that is established by the Administration.

If you want to know more about ISM Code and ISGOTT 6th Edition, You can visit A Nautical website for more and detailed information on safety management of ships.

Author’s Bio: The author is an online blogger. In the above article, she talks about ISM Code and its implementation.

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