Being open is good

Photo by Greg Rakozy

I believe in the culture of transparency. In the startup I’m working on, I would want to be as transparent as possible. I learn a lot on this by exposing myself to the open source community like GitHub.

Open Source

As a developer, visiting GitHub is something I would do in every day. I find a lot of resources like 3rd-party libraries, resources, awesome list there. Many developers would also share their configuration and tips in a gist. This allows me to learn faster. As a contribution back to the community, I also commit open source code every day. Sometimes it’s more random, but I do have a video series of OSX development.

Making of…

People are always interested in how someone make their products. Sometimes this is a reference and example for them to follow. Two days before, we were shooting some tutorial videos for our app. I shared our equipments and setup over blog post and live streaming. This not only tells our friends what we are working on, but also help other app developers to share this experience. The more connections we make in this area, the stronger position we hold in app business.

Let go the worries

As we share, we don’t need to worry about confidentiality. In the mean time, we can stay focused in making a great product. It is mentally healthy.

More transparency…

I believe more information about running a business can be shared to the public.

  • Revenue
  • Business Model
  • Sales Channels
  • Source Code
  • Salary
  • Investment

There are companies like Buffer, Basecamp, Artsy who have been sharing these information. They earned a lot support from the customers and the community. I am sure we can do it over time.

I am taking a challenge to write a post every day for 180 days. The content will be related to my life as a father, entrepreneur, developer and trainer.

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