Flipping a new page

Photo by Lou Levit

Tomorrow is Sep 1st. A new month, also a new page to me. I will be putting full force into Sorted, in order to develop an app that will be featured by Apple on the stage of WWDC.

Kicking off the month

On this day, we are going to a Company Retreat together with the members on Sorted team. This is the first time for us to enjoy a nice trip together at the southern side of Phuket, Thailand.

In this trip, we are going to achieve two goals of the company, listed below:

1. Mission, Vision and Values

We want to differentiate ourselves, thus a good company could not satisfy us. We must achieve great, and we are responsible to our own success. Thus, clarifying the mission of the company is very important.

Although Sorted was started as a personal quest to productivity, the formation of team shares some common values. In this trip, we are going to visualize these thoughts and put it on paper. The mission will become guiding principles to what we are going to do in the future. We will prioritize our tasks based on the values. We are looking forward to reach our vision.

In planning the activities, I put several sessions on the first two days to discuss the following topics:

  • Good to Great
  • Start with Why
  • Mission / Vision / Values
  • Customer Persona

2. Sustainability

As a new startup, we first focus to sustain and then thrive. Sorted is a self-funded company, and thus we shall look for ways to break even. As our revenue comes from app sales, getting more exposure is quite a direct way to promote.

Yet, according to Crossing the Chasm, we are at the stage of targeting early adopters. It means not everyone would want to buy our app right now. We shall find the right market to target. This can be done by defining the customer persona. As this was a personal quest, we can study our founder in his daily life and his world view on buying apps.

Yet, as a maker, we will sometimes get bias in our own opinions towards the product. So, it is important to move forward and find an actual customer to become the customer persona. She will be able to point us to a beachhead market, as coined by Disciplined Entrepreneurship. In order to hit all pins in a bowling game, one must hit the first pin.

See you in Phuket

The flight time will be tomorrow morning. The next post from me will be written in front of the nice sea view.