Getting Closer to Life Goals #224

Family of Four 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

I know how crowded it is out there on Sunday, especially it is a rainy one. I still have the holiday mood and proposed to go out for a family day. We originally planned to visit Mega Box. The shuttle bus queue in Kowloon Bay was so long. I guess it might take half hour to wait in queue. Therefore, we stayed in Kowloon Bay instead.

In fact, we forgot that there is another choice for indoor activities. Campfire recently launched a co-learning space in Tseung Kwan O. It is currently free of charge for the public. I will be going there for a visit with the kids.

Financial Independence 💰

I had a short conversation with my wife today, which brought a lot of clarity to our finance situation. She suggested to view our finance based on runway. If I don’t have any salary (active income), our cash level can provide roughly 15 months of runway. That said, if I set last 6 months as a warning for emergency, I still have 9 months of time to pursue my dream without working for money. In other words, I don’t need to worry too much about short-term income at the moment. Instead, I can focus my energy in creating long-term wealth, like investment, making products and building sustaining businesses.

Travel the World ✈️

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Win Apple Design Award 🥇

I was wondering the length limit for a String field in CloudKit. Currently I am storing a long and growing string in a CKRecord. I have concerns that it will break the system one day (like the CKReference 750 record-limit). Then, I found out there is actually a limit to CKRecord size, which is 1MB. Thus, it is quite easy to break when my string keeps growing. Thus, I need to rework my logic.

Instead of storing in one CKRecord, I am breaking the data into trunks, and then storing in a separate table. The new records will link back to the original CKRecord via a normal CKReference (NOT using .deleteSelf). This refactor has taken me the whole day to work on, and I still need to amend some business logic to fit the new data structure.

As many test cases are broken earlier, I am now having a hard time again to test for regression.

Read 1000 Books 📚

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