Getting Closer to Life Goals #296

24 Oct 2018

Family of Four 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

I brought the elder son out for a train ride today. This is an unofficial one-on-one time with him. I think I can do it regularly.

In the past couple of days, we have been following the daily routine, which is a schedule posted on the wall. My son is getting better to this by seeing this in his eyes.

In fact, I should have been better on this. While I am making a scheduling app, I should also put this concept in our family life. This involves several steps:

  • Planning ahead
  • Setting time and duration
  • Following the schedule
  • Constantly updating

Financial Independence 💰

I just checked the data on property price and mortgage. I am surprised that the property index has raised one-third just in the past one year. The market seems still quite optimistic in the property asset, and there are people keep buying properties. It is quite likely driven by 1st hand market. Probably we are still in the observation status.

Travel the World ✈️

No Progress

Win Apple Design Award 🥇

Spent quite some time to prepare the Watch screenshots for the new infographic complications and Siri watch face. I hope that the users will like those.

On the other hand, just bought a 2nd-hand Apple Mighty Mouse, the one with a small ball in the middle. It costs me HKD100. I am surprised that it is even a wireless one. We are going to use it to test the macOS app. Perhaps I can probably use on my desk as well.

Read 1000 Books 📚

No Progress