Getting Closer to Life Goals #7

Harry Ng
Harry Ng
Jan 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Family of Four 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

It’s Pizza day again. This time with Waffle as well.

It’s quite enjoying to cook at home, even it could took a few hours from preparation to clean up. Yet, the time spent with family worths enough.

Perhaps I am reading tuesdays with Morrie, the story from the old professor, and learn more about treasuring family time.

Financial Independence 💰

I continued to read Richard Reis articles on Personal Finance and noticed a suggestion of books and references. He refers to the podcast in Tim Ferriss Show interviewing Mr. Money Mustache. I’m instantly attracted to his story of financial independence.

Mr. Money Mustache has been financial independent since 2005, and currently spend an average of 25K USD per year. It is roughly similar to our family expenses. He pays the bills thru passive income. One of the main ways he makes the money is by investing on low cost index fund, e.g. S&P Index Fund. I first learn about this theory from Tony Robbins’s MONEY Master the Game. Warren Buffett also made this suggestion before. I’m so excited to listen to this. This is indeed quite an easily achievable goal.

Travel the World ✈️

Besides blog posts about Okinawa, I want to find some recent information about the place. I wonder if nomadlist slack group would allow me to chat with nomads staying there. To my surprise, there is no channel for Okinawa. Besides, the Japan channel is quiet as well. This place is not the go-to place for Digital Nomads.

Win Apple Design Award 🥇

After two years of rest, I finally made my way back to macOS App Development video tutorials. It took me the whole afternoon to record this short clip, as I familiarised with the process again.

This time, I want to improve the quality to a lot better. Thus, using the Yeti Microphone I bought 18 months ago, I screen recorded many times. I also prepared the script, wrote couple blog posts, and posted the videos to YouTube and Medium.

Besides giving back to the community, this is also a little experiment on marketing, growth, and brand building. Nevertheless, a thank you message from the audience is motivating enough to move me forward.

Read 1000 Books 📚

Besides tuesdays with Morrie, I also started reading Design+Code, especially on the Sketch session. No matter it’s making the macOS app videos, or designing the new app Smile, I want to create a better outlook. After working endlessly on perfecting the UI/UX of Sorted, I found myself enjoying apps with great designs. I want to share high quality content to my audience and users. Design+Code is really great, as the author Meng To explains the concepts in a simple and clear way.

Harry Ng

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Harry Ng

Father, Entrepreneur, Developer

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