Meeting Developers more regularly

Recently I watched the podcast featuring YC Sam Altman talking about “Should Founds Go To Meetups?”. The advice is very enlightening yet simple.

I always want to meet more developers, where we can share knowledge and learn from each other. With my experience of organizing AngelHack, I had the opportunity to present in various meetups. I observed that most participants just come and go. You will meet a mostly different group of people in the next event.

As an iOS developer, I am eager to join events of Swift Hong Kong and CocoaHeads Hong Kong. Yet, there were less and less events going on, as we are always lack of speakers.

I wonder why, is there so hard to look for developers? I previously wrote about this. Obviously, there is a huge community in this industry. Yet, most people would prefer to stay quiet, and within their own circles.

Dinner Gatherings

As suggested by Sam Altman, as developers or founders, we can invite admired people to join a dinner gathering, once for a while. I’m sure there are quite a number of app developers in here. As running app business is a lonely process, it’s better to stay together and support each other.

Do you want to join me? Feel free to let me know.