Planning Company Retreat

Last time, I wrote about my research on how other companies plan their retreats. As the date is getting closer, I am going to setup our own schedule.


We have separated those into two big parts: Fun & Work.


  • Island Visit
  • Aquarium Visit
  • Cooking Class


  • Company Goals
  • Investors
  • Books to read
  • Creating Podcasts
  • Daily Vblogs

Setting Goals

According to some readings, having goals or purposes are important to the success of the retreat. We shall define the goals we want to achieve. By far, I would suggest this is mainly figuring out ways to achieve break-even and collaboration between members of this new team.

Setting up a shared Calendar

As the first retreat for the company, we are not sure which style fits the best. Thus, I am going to start with an organizer approach. I collected the ideas from the team, and set this up for a temporary arrangement. Team members are welcome to adjust and suggest they would like to work on.

Working Time

9am — 5pm sounds like a common schedule set by other companies. Yet, we may adjust based on the following reasons:

  1. Our team members don’t work at the same time zone. For myself, I am a morning person, but two other members mainly work at late night.
  2. This may include more in-depth talks rather than conscious works, we’d rather prefer more of us to join than a fixing time schedule.
  3. Some activities like island visit may take a whole day, and we might as well work more at night.
  4. Family members and significant others may want to enjoy the day time there together.

Although I would prefer a 80% working, 20% leisure style, this first retreat may be a little different. More of the details will be discussed among the team, and I will post later.

I am taking a challenge to write a post every day for 180 days. The content will be related to my life as a father, entrepreneur, developer and trainer.

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