Retreat vs Staying in town

It’s been almost a week after coming back from the Retreat. I have missed several days in writing a blog post. Things are moving fast, especially when I am staying in town. There are just so many things happening around, that could distract my daily life.

During Retreat, I was purely staying next to the beach. There were less distractions, as we don’t know the people around (actually not much). Taking a ride to the town took at least 20 minutes, thus we rarely went out as well. However, in this one week of time, I was barely working on code.

Coming back, the first things include going back home to visit my family. The travel time alone would take 2 hours for each visit. Besides, as the Internet connection here in Hong Kong is so fast, I spent much time watching anime. Yet, since it is like a usual day, I am able to code almost every day.

Anyhow, I am already cherish the memory of Phuket.

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