Startup circle is like working in a Big Company

Photo by Hannah Wei

Recently, I started my working hours in a co-working space. After two weeks of working there, and interactions with other people, I found some interesting facts.

It’s like working in a Big Company.
  1. The office is big (full floor)
  2. Many workers in the space
  3. Those people are like colleagues
  4. You know some of the “colleagues”, say hi to them every day
  5. Yet, you don’t know what they are working on
  6. Sometimes, you will have lunch together
  7. You will share with each other the ongoing works, but in a very shallow way
  8. The office is composed of many departments, separated into Startups
  9. You don’t know most of these people in person
  10. You may know some department heads, who are the Startup Founders
  11. You will join meetups, gatherings, trainings in order to get familiar with others
  12. The facilities are shared in the office
  13. Depending on the departments (Startups), you may be making different amount of salaries
  14. You will still want to help each other, as the competition outside is so vigorous
  15. The space you work defines who you are

There are many more things in common. Yet, if it is like Big Company where people work with zero collaboration, there may be no benefit brought to this entire entity. From my own perspective, I will want to break the ice.