Once you have started to chip away at learning new skills in your passion, write posts on Medium that teach other people who to create what you made.
The Best Way to Learn Development Skills (While Getting Paid in the Process)
Michael Mangialardi

My friend! What you have done is rediscover The Feynman technique. Or at least a part of it.


It basically consists of 4 steps.

  1. List the things you want to know and start trying to learn them.
  2. Try to explain the items on your list to someone who doesn’t understand them.
  3. If you get stuck or are unable to explain a little detail, go back to that part and try to understand it better.
  4. With the better understanding try again to explain it fully, using analogies to basic knowledge or experience when required.

[If you really are unable to explain some thing maybe because it might be too abstract or novel, skip the details or specifics and explain a cartoonish version of the subject. ]

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